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Soyeon kim, in her work 키나 de’ fence (2021), reflects on the creation of her safe place within the public space. Disguised and therefore free from any socially constructed identity, she tries to delimit her own identity borders, as a form of protection from stereotyped and given attributes. However, she eventually ascertains the precariousness of her self-defence armour. Any event, even the simplest one, risks deteriorate her safe place’s boundaries with a domino effect. Hence, the artist focuses on the fragility and limits of identity. Addressing the viewer, Soyeon puts a question mark on the responsibility we all have in the construction of others identity. How do we influence the idea that people want to have of themselves? How much does our judgement affect the others? In this perspective, the artist, through colorful and playful objects, refers to childhood. Children, albeit free from any kind of social pressure, in their genuine innocence, are easily influenced and malleable in terms individual development.

Text by curator Federico  Raffa

키나 de' fence (Seven sister, London)

키나 de' fence (Glasgow, Scotland)

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